Simple Operation

Simple Mode perfect for beginners

The VN-741PC includes two types of operational modes for both beginners and advanced users. Simple Mode is perfect for beginners because it displays only necessary information in a large font, and shows only key functions in the menu. Once you become accustomed to using the recorder, you can switch to Normal Mode should you desire more detailed information and settings.

Scene Select with support for new applications

By simply selecting a scene from the menu, you can set the optimum recording settings for your environment. 'Telephone Recording' and 'Duplication' scenes have been added as options that are available when the recorder is used in combination with accessories. It is now possible to easily record telephone conversations or duplicate recordings from cassette tapes.

Telephone recording

By connecting the optionally available TP8 telephone pickup and selecting Telephone Recording from the options, you can record conversations from your telephone.

  • Telephone Pickup TP8 (sold separately)


This scene enables you to easily and conveniently digitise and save sound sources from vinyl records or analogue cassette tapes. Auto Divide mode will divide files into individual songs. In addition, Timer mode will stop recording automatically if you set a time that matches the duration of the sound source.

  • 1.Microphone jack
    3.Earphone jack
    4.Connecting Cord KA333 (sold separately)

User friendly large buttons

The frequently used operation buttons are larger and located on the front of the body, making the recorder very easy to use whether you are left or right handed.

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