WCON-08X Wide Converter

WCON-08X Wide Converter

WCON-08X Wide Converter

This converter enables a focal length of 0.8x for capturing wide-angle views of scenery. You can shoot without changing the camera f number, making it possible to shoot in dimly lit locations.

  • The camera body is sold separately.
  • When used, the optional CLA-14 Conversion Lens Adapter needs to be attached.
  • Recommended for use at the wide end.

Sample Photos

  • Without WCON-08X
  • With WCON-08X


Supported camera Stylus 1s / Stylus 1
Supported adapter CLA-14
Magnification 0.8x
Maximum diameter Ø73.65mm
Length 27.5mm
Weight 186 g

Specifications when attached to the Stylus 1s / Stylus 1 (wide-angle)

Focal length 4.8mm
35mm equivalent focal length 22.4mm equivalent
Angle of view 91°
Closest focusing distance 0.05 m (*Distance from the end of the lens on WCON-08X)
Maximum image magnification 0.06x
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • Set in [Menu] > [Shooting menu 2] > [Conversion lens] > [WCON-08x]. (We recommend that you use this converter at the wide end (focal length: 6mm).
  • CLA-14 Conversion Lens Adapter is required to attach this lens to the Stylus 1s / Stylus 1.
  • When the WCON-08X is attached, the light from the built-in flash will cause vignetting.
  • When the WCON-08X is attached, it may take time for the camera to focus.