Import voice files from your digital voice recorder and play them on your PC

The files in a digital voice recorder connected to your PC via USB or voice files on your PC can be played back with your PC using DSS Player.

Wide range of playback control

In addition to adjusting the volume and playback speed, you can make voices easier to hear by performing tone adjustment to boost the higher frequencies or lower frequencies.

Noise cancellation for making voices easier to hear

There is a noise cancellation function to ensure voices are easier to hear.

Intro scan for finding your desired file easily

To help minimise the effort involved in finding your desired voice file from amongst a large number, we have included the intro scan function. It reduces the search time by sequentially playing only the first 5 seconds of selected files.

Index marks for jumping to the parts you wish to hear

Index marks can be applied at important parts in a voice file. This enables you to find those parts when fast forwarding and rewinding.

Convenient window switching

You can control voice file playback during transcription into a word processor if you switch the window of the DSS Player to the small window designed just for playback control.

  • Normal Window
  • Playback control window

Playback control with a keyboard or a foot-switch

You can perform operations such as playback, fast forwarding, and rewinding with the keys on the keyboard instead of with the mouse. This enables you to improve transcription work efficiency by minimising arm movement. Furthermore, there is also support for a foot switch so you can perform operations with hands-free.

Support for various file formats

Files in the international standard recording formats WAV, WMA, DSS, and DS2 can be played and edited. You can also import and play MP3 files and the audio of video files that can be played in Windows Media Player. Formats can also be converted.

Splitting and combining voice files

You can split a voice file and marge voice files into one.